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Website Security – Part 2 of 2 – SiteLock and Other Security Services

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SiteLock is the leading website security company that offers protection to websites from hackers and malicious software. Though it is a young company (created in 2008), it already has over 5 millions customers and that number continues to grow by the hour. Why such a success in such a short period of time? Simple … hackers have gained considerable ground in the past 24 months and the number of infected or compromised websites has reached numbers in the tens of millions.

Based on statistics, if your site has been hacked, it is most likely to be hacked again within months, weeks and in some cases days. That means that re-uploading a clean version of your website and adding some extra encryption will most likely be not sufficient to prevent future attacks.

The best way so far to prevent recurring infections is to install security products on your website and server. Today we will be doing a quick review of three of those products which are offered by siteLock.

=1= Website Scanning:

If you are hosting with a large hosting provider like GoDaddy these type of website scanning should be available directly with your provider. You would also most likely benefit of a discounted rate. Website Malware and Vulnerability Scanning comes in different plans. A lot of site owners have the basic plan which only scans about 25 files on your site which is similar to an anti-virus product on your computer which scans only one folder. The best is the Premium Plan (note that it may be called differently based on your hosting provider).

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The SiteLock team will need access to your domain name and server. Their product scans your entire websitedaily, can protect it from SQL injections, checks for infiltrated malware you may not be aware of (yes sometimes a site is hacked but it is not visible to the public) and in many cases it can remove the malware automatically.

=2= SiteLock911:

Depending of your provider, the SiteLock scanning may or may not include removal of found malware. If your plan does not include that service, you would want to consider their Automatic Malware Removal product called SiteLock911. It will find and remove any malware and leaves your website files clean and free of malicious scripts.

=3= TrueShield WAF:

This is in essence a Web Application Firewall and one of our favorite products from SiteLock. Currently it is only available by contacting SiteLock directly but GoDaddy and other providers are in talks with SiteLock to add this product to their line of services. That means soon you should be able to subscribe to the firewall product directly with your provider. It would be easier to manage and, when you deal with your hosting provider, the installation is typically automated or, at the very least, user-friendly.  It provides advanced layers of protection to your site by primarily determining who and what is accessing your site. After the software assesses those visits, it will block any malicious IP addresses and scripts. By placing this firewall on your server, it prevents future infections from re-occurring.

This is what TrueShield includes:

  1. Protect Customer Info and Website Databases
  2. Prevent Common Hacks Such as SQLi and XSS
  3. Block Backdoor Access to Website Files
  4. Protect Published Website Content
  5. Patch Weaknesses in Applications On-the-Fly
  6. Block Spam Comments
  7. Quick and Easy Set-Up

SiteLock offers about a dozen products but for most companies the three mentioned in this blog post are sufficient enough to block any attacks and will give your website the protection it needs to serve your company and visitors.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact our team. We are well versed in subscribing and installing SiteLock products and can take care of it for you.


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