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About Business Website Center

Business Website Center is a full service web development company which specializes in Custom Website Design, Internet Marketing & Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Setup and Management, Hosting, Email Marketing, and so much more. We continually increase our expertise by attending classes and seminars, as well as participating in webmaster interactive forums. In other words, we are absolute geeks at heart, and love coding and optimizing websites. Did we mention we were nice too?

Our team's expertise and experience ranges from high level PHP programming, HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding, graphic design, marketing and business development. We have a dozen programmers and graphic designers working for us with various areas of expertise in coding and design.

We truly care about the success of your business and take pride in our role of providing you efficient Internet tools and powerful online presence. Rest assured that we will not sell you a product or service unless we feel it will directly contribute to achieving your specific goals.

As a professional company, we select our staff and programmers very carefully. They have to possess the skills required but also the right positive attitude to fit with our team.

Our customers are as exceptional as our team. They vary in industry, business structure, company size, years in business, and location. Though many of our clients are in the United States, we also cater to overseas customers as far as Dubai and Fiji.

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Meet Virginie Dorn – CEO

Before opening Business Website Center in 2009, Virginie owned and operated several businesses including two print shops in Sonoma County, during which time she discovered a love for coding, designing, marketing and optimizing websites. What started off as a side business, quickly evolved into a successful full-service website development and Internet marketing company. To support the rapid growth of the business, Virginie sold her last print shop and hired a team of dedicated developers with high coding skill levels. Some of them have worked for her company for more than 10 years which speaks highly of the ethics of the company.

With the growth of her business, Virginie has not lost sight of the value of customer service, and still takes the time to give each client and project the attention it deserves.

On a personal side, Virginie has been happily married to Craig for 30+ years and have a daughter and son who are now adults. She is originally from France, Provence to be specific, and you will no doubt notice her French accent when you speak with her.

Her specific areas of expertise:

  • Programing Languages: HTML, PHP, CSS, etc ...
  • Custom Website Design
  • custom website design
  • Marketing and Branding Development
  • Online Marketing Analysis and Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Set-up and Managenemt
  • Database Websites Specifically mySQL Databases
  • Website Hosting & Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO)
  • Google Trends and Analytics
  • ADA Compliance and More

Experienced Team

We have designed websites and databases for countless industries from manufacturing, service based to retail. We also work well with large companies with multiple decision makers including board of directors. Though we work mostly with for profit companies, we have developed numerous projects for non profit organizations.
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Why our clients choose us

Most of all people choose our company because we have a non-cookie approach to every project. By this we mean that we treat each website individually, paying great attention to what details it will take to make it a successful website for its owner. Though your company may have lots of competitors, no target audience is identical.

Each company is different. They may sell similar products and services but nonetheless they have differences that set them apart. Our mission is to find out what sets you apart from your competition and clearly showcase it on the website but using smart design, attention to details, proper text styling and positioning, calls-to-action and creating an overall great experience for the website visitors.
Though we can develop a site using any platform of your choice, we often custom code a unique CMS that caters only to your website and business needs. We make this custom CMS extremly user friendly so that anyone in your team can make changes easily, quickly, and as often as you wish.
Our skilled programmers and coders can develop any projects you need. By using Core PHP and custom coding, we are able to create any effects you like. We typically specialize in larger web development projects with intricate functionality and interaction to third party software. Saying this, there are no jobs too small or too big for us.
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Old-fashioned Customer Service


Call us crazy but we still believe in old-fashioned customer service where we place our customers' needs first. We only hire genuinely nice and caring team members as these are not skills one can learn in school.


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