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Video Email Marketing
For Sonoma County Businesses and Non-profit Organizations

Business Website Center offers great customer service and high customer care. I recommend their services to any and everyone who is looking for quick quality work...
- Sean Andrews

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We offer different services of video marketing:
  Shooting of your commercial videos,
  Integration of videos onto your website,
  Embedding of videos onto your different social media accounts,
  Video email marketing to your existing client database or purchased list,
  And more ...

We have two options:
  Self-service email marketing system ... we give you an email template, you upload your own news & content and email.
  Our team handles everything from A to Z.

Video email is the quickest and easiest way to create trust with your existing or potential clientele. When you have trust, you have sales. It creates a personal experience for the viewer that is much more powerful than a lengthy brochure.



Email marketing using a permission based database has become very important to the success of a business. Today's new trend is the possibility of integrating a video onto your email itself. People are very visual and prefer over a lengthy written email seeing a short video about your special discounts, expert advice, and other matters.

We can also stream your video(s) live on the Internet!

How can I use videos to benefit my business?

  • Showcase your expertise by offering free advice and tips
  • Offering Specials and Discounts
  • Introducing new services or products
  • Sharing industry specific news
  • Communicate a specific message to a target audience

Our Design Work

We treat each project individually and with great care as if it was our own website. We believe that attention to details, the proper use of colors and shape, the right positioning of your marketing message and the first impression a visitor has when arriving at your website are all crucial elements to consider when designing a breathtaking and powerful website.

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