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Taking your website on the road

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Are you a small business owners with limited staff (perhaps it is just you) and about to go on a long well-deserved vacation? If this is the case, you may be worried about your website. What about if something needs updating while you are on the road? Is your staff equipped and trained to manage changes to web pages? If you do not have a programmer on staff, you either have a webmaster whenever changes are needed or are already able to make the changes on your own.

Preferably you would want the freedom to make changes to your site remotely on your own. That would require a content management system also know as CMS. It is a user friendly program that translates the coding of your site into something you can manage. We often build CMS for clients who do not use them often. But emergencies happen and they are very thankful when they can make their own changes by accessing their CMS from any computer with Internet access.

If you own a business, you know it is almost impossible to not be in contact with your office or handle business matters while on vacation. One important element of your business you should not be worried about is your website.

Having the peace of mind that, if needed, you can add, edit, or delete a webpage with your CMS is important. In regards to the security on your site, if you have a security program crawling your site daily, make sure it is set to email you notification if anything should be found.

If you truly want or need to disconnect from managing your site while away (because of vacation or medical leave perhaps), employ a company likes ours which can monitor your site daily and can take action while you are not available.

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