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Choosing the right hosting company

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When you have your first website built or your current one redesigned, it is the perfect time to re-assess your hosting company. Three important factors should be reviewed: (1) Pricing and value. (2) Security and reliability. (3) Customer service and response time.

1) Pricing is very important. The truth is that most larger hosting companies will be cheaper than smaller ones because smaller entities are often resellers marking up the hosting plans. You have to consider pricing versus value offered. We like for many reasons (we do not get kick backs nor do we own stocks). It is one of the largest hosting providers in the world which means they have the capacity to deal with any web issues. They are US based and when you call you actually speak to an agent in the USA. But, most importantly, they have good pricing. Always make sure to look online for promo codes which sometimes can be applied to already discounted hosting plans. Simply search GoDaddy Promo Codes or the hosting company of your preference.

2) Server security is of the utmost importance nowadays. Hackers or malicious Internet virus WILL crawl your site at some point. It does not matter what you do or sell; it will happen. Without a strong and well protected server, your website will be hacked quicker and more frequently which will cause money to restore and possible loss of business and decrease online reputation. Yes, if your site is hacked and Google finds out, you will be penalized. You want a hosting provider that offers server firewalls, daily malware scanning and removal, virus clean-up services, and daily backups of your entire site. If they do not, that means you will have to get these services elsewhere which is never as good as getting both hosting and web security under the same roof.

3) It may sound silly but customer service from your hosting company is crucial to a good experience. The hosting provider must be available 24/7/365 with English speakings agents. They must be willing to help you resolve your hosting or server issues either over the phone, email, tech support tickets, or online chat.

When you do an online search for a hosting provider, it can be confusing. We see some low grade companies listed as number one when we know they are merely a reseller and do not own their own servers. That means that if something goes wrong they may tell you it is not their fault and pass you on to another company.

If you are on the market for a hosting company, we can help decide what the best options are for your situation. Simply call us at 707-794-9999.

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