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2016 Web Design Trend – Moving Images – Cinemagraph

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Cinemagraph artworks when well done are fantastic. They can be breathtaking, enticing and memorable. A cinemagraph is a type of image that is often shared on social media and that can even go viral since it can be visually amazing.

=1= What is a cinemagraph?

It is an image which appears to be moving. Do you mean a video? No, not a video even though it is animated. It is actually a GIF formatted image which has a subtle movement. By doing so, it creates an illusion of a video. The best ones use a very specific element which the graphic designer has selected to be the moving part. Imagine a static image of a yacht and the only moving part is the water around the boat. Everything else is still, the boat, the people on the boat, the birds in the sky, the clouds … but yet the waves are moving.

=2= Who can create a cinemagraph?

A Photoshop designer with an advanced skill set and a good understanding of video editing is your best bet for great results. At Business Website Center, we can provide this service so do not hesitate to contact if you have questions about cinemagraphy.

=3= Pros and cos of a cinemagraph?

Obliviously they only work online or on TV. This is not something that can be printed. A poorly designed cinemagraph can look very bad and cheap. Many Photoshop designers are not quite up to date with the skills required to prepare such beautiful animated photos.

Saying this, because they are images they are compatible with most devices and computers. They can also be pinned onto Pinterest and would work well in an email campaign. As mentioned before, they can be so impressive that visitors may be more enticed into sharing them with their friends and colleagues therefore increasing the popularity of your website.

=4= Why use a cinemagraph?

  • To set your website aside from others.
  • To impress your visitors.
  • To communicate an idea or concept.
  • To add visual interest to your site.
  • To support your branding efforts.
  • To showcase a specific product or service.
  • To highlight a benefit your company offers.

For additional information click PLAY and watch our short video where Virginie and Ryan discuss cinemagraphy.

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Questions about this subject?

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