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Web Design Tip #1 – Navbar

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In the next few weeks we will provide very specific website design tips. First and foremost, we recommend you hire an expert web designer. Just like you are an expert in your industry or trade, web designers understand Internet user trends and the dos and donts of designing a website. Saying this, it is important that you know enough about quality web design so that you can expect the best from your designer.

Today, we want to bring up again the trend of “hiding” your top navigation bar, also called menus, sidebar, or nav bar by replacing it with a “hamburger” or “accordion” icon which opens and closes when clicked on.

A year ago, if you asked our team if your site should have an accordion menu bar instead of a standard one, we would have said that the trend is growing but perhaps, you should wait until most Internet users understand that clicking on an hamburger icon means expanding the menu bar. Today is a new day and anyone who uses a smartphone knows that menu opens and closes if you touch an icon on the phone’s screen (or click on them when using a desktop or tablet).

Why the popularity of this new menu style?

Internet users prefer clutter free websites because it is simply more pleasant visually and easier to use.

In truth, the content of your web pages should be the most important element on the page not the menu links at the top or bottom of the pages. Hiding the sidebar or nav bar does not mean the search engine bots won’t see it. The bots will still be able to view the links in the code and check out the other pages.

Primarily hiding the menu allows for a very clean design and enables your content to be more visible. It also looks very modern and fresh.

Even if you have a very large website, you can organize your pagesĀ  in an user-friendly. Once the visitor clicks to open the navigation menu, it can displays just like a normal menu. You can make it open horizontally, vertically, in the center of the center, on the side, … there are many options. Ask your designer or our team what the options are, the pros and cons of each, and samples so that you can test them.


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Website Design Tip for a Quality Website


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