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The importance of content

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If you are still not convinced textual content is king with Google and other major search engines, think of it that way:

Google is in the sole business of delivering content... nothing more.

An Internet user searches using keywords, Google checks its list of indexed content, then gives back pages of results which it "feels" matches what the user was looking for. That's it! It is all about content. Therefore you must have quality content on...

Why your business needs a blog

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Blogging exploded in the early 2000’s. Everyone was doing it. Many companies were doing it and didn’t even understand why they were doing it. Then things died down for a while. A lot of those companies realized that they didn’t know why they were blogging, and couldn’t recognize any measurable benefits, so they stopped. Very recently, with Google’s switch over to the Hummingbird algorithm, blogs have made a huge resurgence. Google’s Hummingbird was designed to go after blocks of use...

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