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How do you know it is time for a new website?

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Your site isĀ  just a few years old but you are wondering if it is time to upgrade it or even get a brand new one. You know technology and especially the Internet has changed dramatically these last two years.

If you answer YES to one of the following questions, it is time to have a conversation with an experienced web designer.

  1. Your competition has a better website. They may have a better design, better content, better “feel”, etc.
  2. Your website is not responsive to mobile devices. It is hard to read on smartphones or it does not look nice on tablets.
  3. Your website is not generating phone calls or email inquiries.
  4. Your website does not match your current brand. The colors, fonts, logos, etc. do not match your new brochures or printed material.
  5. Your website’s content is outdated. You have new services not listed or old ones that you no longer provide. “Joe Schmo” is still listed in your team page even though you fired him months ago!
  6. You or your staff never mention the website address to your clients because you know it just looks old and outdated. True story: We have seen people who black out their website address on their business card because of how bad their website looked!
  7. Your domain name does not make sense anymore. It was fine back then when you registered it but now it is not a good representation of what the company represents.
  8. You cannot recall how or where to access your content management system. It was so long ago, you are not even sure where you site is hosted.
  9. You need a shopping cart so that you can sell online but your site does not have one.
  10. The website is ugly. Yep, we said it! Your website seems to have a mullet hair style.

If you have a doubt about your need for a new website or budget needed, simply contact us. We offer free consultations with no strings attached.

Questions about this subject?

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