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You can’t beat Amazon so don’t try!

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You are familiar with the expression “If you can’t beat them, join them!”. This is absolutely applies to Amazon. It is said that in a year from now, Amazon will be worth a TRILLION dollars. How can you compete with them? You just can’t.

When you are ready to launch an online shopping cart for your own products or someone’s else products, you may be tempted to try to compete with large online eCommerce sites. The best approach is two folds:

  1. First, have a strong eCommerce engine to run your website. Yes, you should have your own website with your own domain name. Choose a company that is reputable, well funded, and used by larger corporations than yours. We use BigCommerce.
  2. Then try to become part of Amazon‘s network. Again “If you can’t beat them, join them!”. With BigCommerce for instance, you can incorporate your products on Amazon and even Google Shopping and eBay.

This is a new way of thinking. Amazon and Google Shopping are no longer the “enemy”; you should embrace them and make their online popularity work for your company.


competing with amazon
Embracing the power of Amazon and other large online eCommerce websites

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