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Web-based Software Development

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Long gone are the software CDs being shipped to your customers’ home or office. If you own a software you sell to your clients, it has to be available online for download and/or online use. That of course may mean re-coding your system into a web based system so that it is compatible for online usage. It may also mean having to re-adjust certain functions. There are many elements to consider such as website security and software copyrights protection. No matter the reasons why you are hesitant to upgrade your CD based software to an online version, the truth is, to stay relevant, you have to make this leap of faith.

Two ways to offer/sell your software online

  1. Make it available for download from a website for offline usage. After the download, it is used on a computer or a device for offline use. This means it is the type of software that does not require to be connected to the Internet to be used.
  2. Make it available for online usage only. This is the most popular concept and is great for two reasons. First, you control updates and can offer upgrades from time to time. Second, you continue a very close relationship with your clients as they need to log onto your site to use the software they offer. This creates brand loyalty and additional revenue possibilities.

Many large corporations are moving away from download for offline usage. They understand the huge marketing benefits of making their software only available online. Of course, by doing so, they hold the responsibility of website security and updates. They have to pay for the expense of a server and maintaining it. In return, they gain so much by having more opportunity to up-sell other products, services, or paid upgrades.

One trend that is continuing to grow (because it is very lucrative) is to charge a client a usage fee either monthly or annually instead of a one-time buy fee (like the old way with the CD). Having a recurring income often time means more revenue total for your company and stability.

At, Business Website Center, we specialize in PHP development which is the code base for most online software programs. We have great experience in developing custom programming for custom software and online usage. We would be happy to discuss your software and how we can bring it to the Internet. Our consultation is free of charge. (707) 794-999

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