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You can’t beat Amazon so don’t try!

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You are familiar with the expression "If you can't beat them, join them!". This is absolutely applies to Amazon. It is said that in a year from now, Amazon will be worth a TRILLION dollars. How can you compete with them? You just can't. When you are ready to launch an online shopping cart for your own products or someone's else products, you may be tempted to try to compete with large online eCommerce sites. The best approach is two folds:

  1. First, have a strong eCommerce engine to...

Four successful sites designed to let their products shine

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It’s helpful to look at successful models when trying to determine what the layout and design of your own website should be. If you look at some of the big players in the online sales industry, you’ll see certain trends in the layout, organization of colors, branding choices, and ease of navigation to the desired product. Regardless of whether you’re selling clothing, sporting goods, electronics, or whatever else, sites are being built around displaying their products in the most flatteri...

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