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You may have received an email from Google My Business about their campaign “Feel the Love with #SmallThanks“.  In the past two years, Google has focused its attention to local searches in order to render better results to their Internet users looking for services near them. Its focus on brick and mortar businesses was unexpected but well received.

Continuing in their local efforts, they recently launched a new tool to encourage your customers to submit their reviews and photos of your business. In return, you can transform these testimonials into posters, stickers, and more.

The process is very simple. Go to this link and enter your business name. Make sure to select the right one in the drop down menu as other companies with similar names may exist in other states. If there are online reviews available, you will be directed to a new page where Google will show some pre-designed poster templates. Having online reviews is indeed a requirement to use the #SmallThanks” tool. You may select one of their samples and download a high resolution PDF by clicking the blue button “GENERATE ASSET”. Then you may print it or email it to your favorite printer. They also give you the ability to share your new poster on GooglePlus, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you do not like their templates, you can choose to customize your very own poster. That option is available at the bottom of the page “CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN”.

This new tool is absolutely free of charge and quite useful if you have a brick and mortar business where you welcome customers.

Give it a try!

google smallthanks
Small thanks campaign from Google

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