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My contact form no longer works. What should I do?

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Yes, it happens from time to time which is why we recommend to our clients that they check their contact forms once a month. Here is a quick tip: Set-up a reminder every 1st of every calendar month to send yourself a message from your website contact form. It takes less than one minute.

Why a contact form may stop working:

– The code of the form is several years old and now deprecated by Internet standards. Think of your website as a home; it will need maintenance at some point.

– Your hosting provider change a setting on your server which affected the proper functioning of the form’s code.

– Your hosting provider changed your server. Perhaps, they upgraded it but the form’s code is not compatible to the new version of PHP used by the new server or the settings are not correct. GoDaddy for instance has been upgrading many of their servers (which is great) but the MX settings in the new server often did not transfer over.

– You changed your email program and it is not accepting emails from your site because a setting in your email program needs adjustments (that is common problem with MC 365).

– You changed your SPAM preferences in your email program and the email coming from the site are being filtered.

– The server on which your site is hosted became blacklisted. This can happen if your site is on a shared server (most sites are) and one site on that same server had fraudulent activities on it.

– You installed or changed a new server firewall or website security program preventing the email to go from the site to your inbox.

Whatever the reason is the first step is to know the form is not working and then contact your webmaster right away.

Know that we can repair other web designers’ forms so, if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions about this subject?

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