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Is your website neglected during the Summer?

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Websites tend to be neglected during the Summer. Content is not updated as it should be because staff are on vacation. Perhaps business slows down during that time. Whatever the reason is, make it a goal this Summer to not neglect your website and/or your online marketing efforts. In our industry, we see 2 seasons: The busy times September through April and the slow season  May through August.

Keeping your website relevant during the Summer time shows to your clients that you are in business all year long and that you care. If you have a blog, you may create the blog posts ahead of time and have them published at different dates through out the Summer.

If you have a content management system, set up a calendar reminder to make some updates once a month in June, July, and August. The updates do not have to be extensive. Perhaps update a slide on your homepage to give it a Summer flavor.  If staying in touch with clients is important, think of an automated way to reach out to them. Use holidays to your advantage. A well designed and fun Happy 4th of July email is always a nice touch. Make sure to make it personal and representative of your company so it does not look template like.

If you have employees rotating their Summer vacations, make sure that the website is noted on the “plan and action”. Example: Who will be checking the site and when. Who will make updates and what sort of edits they will be.

As a final note, we do hope you enjoy your Summer as much as we do.

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