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Google Analytics Part #3 – The Real-Time Tab

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This is part of our Google Analytics overview. As we are going down the list in the left end side column, you will see the tab titled “REAL-TIME”. This section has its own 6 sub pages: Overview, Locations, Traffic Sources, Content, Events, and Conversions.

It shows you the activity on your website as it happens at that exact moment or a few second delay. You are able to see how many visitors are on your pages live. This can be useful if your site has a significant amount of traffic.


If you click overview, it will show you where are these live visitors coming from (perhaps from s social media platform) or the keywords they used.


It reports the country each visitor came from. If your site targets an international audience, that is an important piece of data. You may also click on a country for even more in-depth information.

Traffic Sources

If you are a marketer, this is an important section to monitor. You can adapt marketing campaign you are going on based on its effectiveness. With traffic sources, you can indeed see which sites are generating for more traffic.


Content shows the pages the web visitors are one and how much time they are spending on it. You can even look at data from the past 30 minutes.


The events allow you to generate custom events for interactions on your site. You can dig deeper in categories and actions with the available report. Just like with the content tab, you can go back and forth between live data and data collected over the past 1/2 hour.


This report shows you which goals visitors are completing and which percentage of your total visitors are actually reaching that goal. If you have engaged in an online campaign to generate traffic to the website, the conversions’ section can help you again review the value of your compaign and if any adjustments need to be made.

As you have seen in the parts 1,2, and 3 of Google Analytics, Google offers lots of tools, data, and reports. It can be a full time job to understand each phase in great detail. To our clients who want to understand how it works and the information the analytics provide, we always recommend the following:

  1. Understand in general each tabs available on the dashboard.
  2. Decide which data is most important to you and worth your time reviewing it.
  3. Customize your dashboard to only show this specific data.
  4. Focus solely on monitor that information.
  5. Check the dashboard twice a month or more often if you are actively launching campaigns.

Next post will address the audience tab.

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