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Google Analytics Part #5 – The Acquisition Tab

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The Acquisition Tab is made up of six sections: Overview, All Traffic, AdWords, Search Console, Social, and Campaigns. For beginners to intermediate levels, the overview section is the one you should focus on.


It primarily shows you what percentage of visitors came from organic searches (aka they used keywords and found your site), direct (meaning the typed in your website domain name), and by referral (they came from a link on a different website).

It also indicates the number of sessions per day. Like many of the other overviews on Google Analytics, you can edit the date range to a longer time period or very specific dates. In addition, it shows the average session duration and how many pages on average were visited. By clicking on titled like Organic Searches for instance, it takes you to a new panel where you will be able to see more details.

All Traffic

Again this tab has its own set of sub tabs. The channels can show you the keywords used in the searches that resulted in a visitor. The treemaps are directly linked to AdWords, a paid advertising product with Google. To get this activated, you would need to connect your AdWords account and your Google Analytics. The activation is simple, just click on the blue button “Get Started”.

By doing so, you can:

  • Begin seeing ad and site performance data in the AdWords reports in Analytics
  • Can import Analytics goals and Ecommerce transactions directly into your AdWords account
  • Can also import valuable Analytics metrics—such as Bounce Rate, Avg. Session Duration, and Pages/Session—into your AdWords account
  • Get enhanced Remarketing capabilities
  • Get richer data in the Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels reports

The source is where your visitors were before reaching your site. The medium explains how the visitor arrived to the site:

  • Organic is for unpaid search traffic
  • None is for direct hit

The referral sub tab can be very valuable if you pay to be listed on specific website.


This part is only if you are engaging in paid adds with Google such as pay per click. This section could take hours to review. If you are interested in Google AdWords, contact us directly at 707-794-9999.

Search Console

This is a great tool showing in details what your landing pages are (where your visitors first arrive to), the countries they come from, the devices they use (a regular desktop computer or a tablet or smartphone), or the types of queries they are using.


The social web connects people where they share, critique and interact with content and each other. Social analytics provides you with the tools to measure the impact of social. You can identify high value networks and content, track on-site and off-site user interaction with your content, and tie it all back to your bottom line revenue through goals and conversions.


Just like AdWords, this section focus on active advertising campaigns you are paying for. You can compare channels, keywords, and campaigns. This tool is often used by professional online marketers. So do not feel too bad if most of it seems confusing. It is!

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