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COVID-19 notice on websites – Should yours have one?

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Your website’s homepage is a great tool to communicate with your existing and prospective customers quickly and efficiently. This sort of notice can be used for emergency notifications like in the case of the Bay Area fires (evacuations, different hours, etc.). At the time of this article, many advisory notices that we are adding for clients have to do with COVID-19.

Why should you have such a notice on your own website?

  1. Most importantly, you want to communicate clearly the steps you and your team are taking to comply with federal, state, and local regulations related to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  2. You should also explain the additional steps (if any) your company is taking. This is especially important if your employees go to people’s home or business to do their work.
  3. For many of our clients, it relates to new hours of operations and restrictions on how many people they can serve at once at their business location.
  4. At times, different locations for doing business have to be announced.
  5. If you own an eCommerce website, delivery of goods might be affected so it is important to let your clients know if they should expect a delay in receiving their purchased items.
  6. If you are welcoming people into your facility, you most likely have new rules for customers such as wearing masks, social distancing, and more.
  7. If your business has been affected (who has not?), you may be introducing a new service to adapt to these challenging times. For some of our restaurant owners, it means introducing delivery by their staff or sale of their wine inventory. For others, it has meant offering services online when they did not before.
  8. For some sadly, the advisory notice has to do with temporary closure.

Whatever business you operate, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you, your staff, your vendors, and your customers. You have had to make changes in the way you operate. You have had to reduce staffing level. You have had to discount goods and services. You have had to change your operating hours and sometimes your location. You have had to… do so much!

Remember to keep your customers informed. The homepage of your website is the most efficient way to do so. Keeping customers in the know will help them better support your business during these crazy times. We wish you ALL great recovery and much success moving forward.

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