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Can a website have too many colors?

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The answer is a big YES! We all love rainbows but this does not mean it is a good option for your website. Having too many colors in the design of your website is simply overwhelming to the senses. It can also make the site look busy, disorganized, unfocused, and childish. If this is not the feeling you hope to give your visitors, stay away from having too many colors.

Our recommendations is simple. If you are going to use lots of photos, we suggest you keep the site white or have a light colored background or gentle texture. The focus should be on the images not colors.

too many colors for website designIf your website is a balance between textual content and images, you should still try to keep the color scheme to one main color (your brand) and a secondary supportive color. Examples: blue and green, green and orange, etc.

This year, we have seen a website trend grow in popularity. This new trend use dual shades of the same color. Example: dark blue and light blue. If designed well, this can be a very cool look for your new site. You just have to make the color chosen works for your company, its brand, and customer base.

To wrap this short article up, stay away from too many colors on your site. If you are not convinced, pick 10 articles of clothing of different colors and wear them all day. 🙂

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