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What is boilerplate content and how it relates to Google

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Boilerplate language is often used in legal contract and refers to very standard and non important text. In the world of search engines, the term Boilerplate Content is used for text you might have on your website but that truly does not say much about what you do or what your sale. A good example would be the company’s copyrights information repeated in the footer of each page. It could also be some legalese you must place on your site but again does not promote your business.

Google and other major search engines have come a long way. Their new versions are now far better at discerning the good content that is valuable to Internet searchers from standard non important text.

Google made it clear that if their search engine is identifying Boilerplate content on any webpage it does not penalize the page’s ranking. Their algorithm will simply skip over and ignore that textual content. One thing you want to make sure is that the amount of good content is far greater that your boilerplate content. It is often a question of ratio with the SE algorithm.

There is code your webmaster can use to identify which text is boilerplate but in truth the algorithm has become so good that we feel strongly that the code has become obsolete. Saying this, if your coder thinks boilerplate may be an issue for the poor indexation of your website or specific pages, then you should not hesitate to use this code. It won’t hurt!

For more information please watch our video below in which we Virginie Dorn and Ryan Perry discuss boilerplate and how it relates to Google.

how google treats boilerplate content on a website

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