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Are billboards still worth the investment?

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Though we only provide online marketing and website development, a client recently asked us if using a billboard was worth his money. Just like any other types of advertising the answer depends on your unique situation. What may work great for a bank may not work well for your business.

The following questions are meant to open the discussion and make you think.  A blog post is not there to give you all of the answers.

Here are what you should be asking yourself:

  1. Do you have a complex business difficult to understand or explain in a few seconds? If you are a dentist, it is pretty straightforward and your services can easily be summed up on a billboard. If your business is complicated, a billboard would be inefficient.
  2. Is the majority of your clientele locally based within a driving distance to your office? If most of your clients are located within the same area, that would make sense to be more visible by having a well designed billboard near a busy road.
  3. Do you have a brick and mortar? If you want to increase foot traffic in your store or office, local visibility is key. Billboards do provide visibility but it can be hard to show a physical address. Drivers only have a few seconds to see it.
  4. Do you have an established marketing budget? If you have a limited budget, focusing on your website may be the best use of your dollars. Billboards can be very expensive so make sure to think on your ROI (return of investment).
  5. What is your goal for the billboard? Is it for branding yourself? Is it to increase revenue? Why do you want your company or yourself on a billboard?
  6. Is it a digital billboard which you share with other businesses changing the ad every few seconds? Or is it a printed one that will remain constant day in and day out?
  7. How do you plan to track the effectiveness of the billboard?
  8. Have you seen competitors using billboard advertising? How well do they seem to be doing in business?

The investment in billboard advertising is significant enough that you should take the time to assess if this is worth your marketing budget or not.

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