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Web Design Tip #3 – Fonts

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Just like colors, font styles render different emotions. Curvy or hand script fonts can mean you (or company) are casual, friendly, and approachable while straight line or sans serif fonts can give a sense of accuracy, precision, and professionalism. It all goes back to your target audience: Who are you trying to sell your services, products, or message to? You also need to consider your primary message. And by this, we do not mean your latest promotions but what feeling you would want to evoke in your website visitors. Write down a list of 4 top emotions/words you would love people to have when they visit your site and organize them in order of importance. Here are some examples to illustrate the exercise.

For an accountant, it would often be: Accuracy, Money Saving, Efficiency, & Speed.

For a psychotherapist, it may be gentleness, easy to speak with, flexibility, and experience.

For a personal trainer, it could be motivation, action, dynamic , and results.

You will see that there is a correlation between your 4 top words. Once defined, think of what font best support those emotions or thoughts. A great website we like to visit is DaFont. If you are working with a designer, share your thoughts on the matter and ask for their professional opinion. The reason is that certain fonts may not be very readable on mobile devices; perhaps they are too thin or too fancy.

Also know that fonts can be modified by your web designer by increasing its size, its boldness, the spacing between the letters, and so forth. So, if you love a font but the letters are simply too close to be readable, your programmer can easily add space between the lettering.

We hope you found this quick post helpful.

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