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Where to put a phone number on a website?

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This question may sound so simple but, somehow, it is the biggest annoyance web users have when visiting websites. Where is the *&%^$#& phone number?

There may be certain situations when having a phone number on a website may not be needed though this is VERY rare. In most instance, a legitimate business or non-profit organization would have a phone. If you prefer to be contacted by email and think that hiding the phone number at the bottom of a contact page is a good idea… think twice. All you are doing is frustrate the visitors who prefer a phone call to any other method of communication.

  1. Having your phone number listed in the top header is recommended. Many people actually use the web as the Yellow Pages. They search for you or your type of services, find your website, and need a phone number to call for more information.
  2. You may place a phone icon if there is not enough space in the header. When clicking on it, it would either display the number or call it.
  3. Nowadays what we call “double headers” are very popular. You may have seen those, a small header at the very top of every page followed by a second row display the navigation bar. You can take the idea further and make the smaller header disappear as the visitor scroll down the page, keeping the nav bar active and visible at all time.
  4. Another good spot is in the footer. Again, the goal is to make it easy for your prospective clients who prefer a phone call to locate your number.
  5. Of course, it should always be listed in your contact forms.
  6. Finally, remember those very important calls-to-action that you should be using on all pages. It could be a graphic, text, or button. For instance, Call us today at 707-794-9999! Those work great.

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