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One website – Two target audiences

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There is a solution if you are targeting different types of clientele on the same website. This can be the case if you are both a wholesaler and a retailer and wish your website to be used by both. It is also the case if your site is for both your vendors and customers.

Understand that, in most cases, a company has one target audience. Yes, a company may sell to various types of individuals (different ages,  ethnicities, professional levels, etc.) but there is one singular type of client that is their “best” client in all levels. This is the audience you want your website to “speak” to. This approach always render the most positive results for your website’s efficiency.

Let’s imagine you want to target 2 distinct audiences. How do you accomplish this without “offending” either party?

The homepage is the best place to separate the two. One method we have used successfully is to visually guide each specific audience to a specific section of the site. You designer can create distinct block elements that compromise of these:

  • A compelling and succinct title
  • Teaser text that is short yet descriptive
  • An image that “speaks” to that audience
  • A call-to-action link such as Read More

Each block would make sense to the audience therefore they would automatically and without confusion click on the block element and be directed to pages that address their needs. Here is a very rough scenario to better illustrate the concept:

  • Block 1: Ready to shop with us? We guarantee the best prices and quality in Japanese designers. Start shopping now » (Representative image as back ground)
  • Block 2: Are you a vendor? We welcome new Japanese brands and look forward to working with you. Find out how » (Representative image as back ground)
target audience
Target audience and website design

It is best if you leave the rest of the homepage simple so that the focus of the visitors goes directly to choosing one of the two blocks. Again, once they make their selections, they “enter” the site and may even have a different menu bar as the other audience.

This concept is simple yet it needs to be developed by an experienced designer to make it effective. For a depth free consultation with our team, feel free to cal us in California.

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