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How to manually submit a website to Google?

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Great news! Google has now made it very easy for anyone to submit their web pages to its search engine. This is an important of Search Engine Optimization especially if you just made edits on your site or created a new page. Of course, you can just wait until the Google Bot crawls your site but this may take some time as there are now over 1 billions sites listed on the Internet.

It used to be you would need to have a Google Webmaster account to submit your review for review but not anymore.

You still need to be logged in a Google product of some sort. If you do not have any Google account, simply open a free gmail email address. Yes, gmail is a Google product.

Make sure to be logged in as yourself in a Google product, then click on the link below.

Click this link ยป

You will see this on-screen field where you can simply place your domain name or a specific page you just created or updated. This feature (showing as seen in screenshot below) is fairly new so do not dispair if you click the link and do not see it. In such case, select the first result provided by Google and follow the easy instructions.


google online submission
Google Online Submission Tools


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