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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is a very important page. It is a page on which you may answer commonly asked questions from your clients, vendors, members, site visitors, and more. It has great value and two distinct purposes: Answer questions online quickly that your visitors may have and provide great content for search engine bots. If the FAQ page is quite long, it may be organized using categories. A visitor in such case can select a category of choice and filter the questions that matter most to him or her.

The human aspect is the most important one. Most Internet users want answers quickly without having to speak with anyone. Having the most common questions answered online also allows people to search 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The FAQ page does not take days off. Also, by having a strong FAQ page, you showcase your expertise to your prospective customers.

The bot aspect is not to be disregarded. Indeed, by its nature the FAQ page is filled with valuable keywords and content that search engine bots are seeking. Such page would normally answer questions about what you do, what you sell, the extent of your services, and more.

Making it count!

At the very least, we recommend a minimum of 12 questions. More is better and, with the use of categorized tags, you can easily organize the page so that it is very user friendly for your visitor. Here are some sample tags:

General Questions / Technical Support / Benefits / Returns & Refunds / White Papers / Etc.

Your answers should be right to the point and clear. You may style the text or add images to illustrate answers.

Questions and answers can be added to standard pages as well. If a FAQ page is an important part of a site, we like to display the top three or so questions on the homepage with a link “View all FAQ” below them.

When a FAQ page is well designed and efficient, it can have great benefits.

  1. It can help reduce unnecessary phone calls to your office especially for questions that can be easily answered online.
  2. It demonstrates that you are an expert in your field and are not afraid to share some of your knowledge.
  3. It shows that you care about your clients and prospects by making it easy for them to get answers.
  4. It reduces the sales cycle especially if you have an eCommerce website. If people have to wait for your office to open to get answers, they may simply forget about their potential online order.
  5. It encourages visitors to take control of their account if you have a membership website.
  6. And finally, it helps greatly for the search engine optimization of your site by providing the SE bots clear information about what you do.

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