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Web Design Tip #4 – Amount of textual content

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To write or not to write… Textual content is one of the most important part of a website. Too little content and you take the chance of your visitors guessing what you do and what you want and give no help to search engines to rank your site in searches. Too much content and the website becomes overwhelming, boring, and perhaps even worst confusing.

The amount of appropriate content depends on the following elements:

  • Industry: Some industries are very visual. For instance, a fashion designer may be better off focusing on breathtaking photographs instead of long paragraphs of text. Engineering firms may be more inclined to have page of technical content that their unique audience would enjoy and expect.
  • Goal: If the main goal of your site is to provide information then, yes, a higher amount of well written content is expected. The opposite is true. Look at Pinterest, their goal is to show case cool images and you can see that their homepage is made of up of images primarily.
  • Audience: The type of people you are targeting should be part of the decision as well. If you understand your audience, you would know if they are readers or watchers.
  • Competition: Take a look at your top competition, check out their site, how much content do they provide and on which pages? If they are doing a very good job online, you may want to take inspiration from them.
  • Ranking: If your website is lacking good ranking with Google or other search engines, content is the one element that will help you improve its indexation. In such situation, optimized content on all pages. Saying this, it does not have to be all on the homepage. The homepage should have what we call Teaser Content. This helps explain to the search engine bots what your site is all about but also helps your visitors navigate your pages.
  • Visual: Even if you have a good amount of content, make sure to break it up with images and/or styling of important titles and words.


Top section should be more visual to grab the attention of the new visitor with succinct text and calls-to-action. The bottom section should have most of the text for those who like to read but primarily for the search engines.

Sub Pages:

We recommend a minimum of 2 paragraphs but no more than 6. This is a nice balance between pleasing humans and bots.

As always, make sure to include keywords your audience may be using to do an Internet search about your services or products.

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